About Us

In the roaring 20's, Kansas City blossomed into a modern city complete with a bustling downtown where nearly every available lot was quickly snapped up by a variety of businessmen. Three major interstates converged through the middle of downtown and "Campbell Curve" became the hot spot to establish a lumber company for commercial clients.

It was then that Albert Tamm and A.O.Thompson formed A.O. Thompson Lumber Company. From six yards, lumber was delivered by horse and wagon until trucks became the mainstay in the 30's. In 1950, Albert set forth to make this company stand above the competition with top notch customer service and providing "Tamm Good Lumber." The tag line stuck and folks all around knew about them.

Ercell Arney came on board later and eventually became a primary partner. When lighting struck the electrical system of the lumber shed one Sunday morning in August of '62 and set things ablaze, they thought all was ruined. However, the Albert Tamm Lumber Company continued to grow and prosper. As time went by, ownership settled with Mr. Arney and partners, but the renown Albert Tamm name remained.

Even today the Albert Tamm Lumber Company and it's catchy tag line remains a well-known and respected lumber business among its competitors and its customers. Commercial construction and renovation companies rely on Tamm Lumber Company's dedication to their customers and quality products.

Ercell's son, Don, now heads up the yard along with many long time dedicated employees who...like working there. All involved continue a long standing tradition of having a vested interest in its future and hope to continue for generations to come.

These are just a few of the more historical construction/renovation projects during which Albert Tamm Lumber Company provided materials and helpful advice:

  • The Lakeside Nature Center in Swope Park (Merit Construction)
  • The Railroad Roundhouse Museum on Southwest Blvd (Hoffman Cortes Construction)
  • Harry Lloyd's estate in Loch Lloyd
  • The City of Kansas City, MO building interior renovation (Larrison Construction)